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Loopy looper

Loopy looper – is a new anti-stress fidget toy in the form of a ring, inside which you can twist a small ball (marble). What is Loopy looper Looper is relatively new to the mass market. It was presented by Loopy Looper company in February 2021. At this time, the famous pop-it and simple dimple

What does Finger Under Nose and Heart Gesture mean on Tiktok?

Those who follow Tiktok often wonder what the finger under the nose gesture means? Modern teenagers run their index finger over their upper lip and then make hearts from their fingers. And this movement has a completely logical explanation. The gesture “Slide your finger under your nоse and show

Khaby Lame Tiktok

Khaby Lame – is a tiktoker from Italy who makes fun of silly life hacks. The guy in his videos does not say a word, but simply shows his reaction. In a short time, the blogger has become popular all over the world, memes are made with him. Who is Khaby Lame from TikTok Lame’s real name is Khabane

What is Memeland – Reddit Island

Reddit users are seriously discussing plans to buy the island and declare the state of Memeland on it. The dissemination of the idea, of course, is done through memes. In early April 2021, the r / Reddit_Island section appeared on Reddit. Its members are discussing the possibility of buying one or

What is Simple Dimple and how does it differ from Pop It

In the spring of 2021, social networks began to discuss new anti-stress toys “simple dimple” and “pop it”. This is children’s entertainment that has replaced Squishy and Spinners and has become incredibly fashionable in Tiktok. What is Simple Dimple Simple Dimple (or Simpl Dimpl) is a silicone toy

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